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Advanced Treatment Systems in Ottawa

Wastewater disposal has to be done with the utmost professionalism to ensure a clean and safe environment. Hence, it would be best to use the latest techniques and equipment to make this happen.

Our advanced treatment systems in Ottawa can meet your sewage treatment requirements, especially if your property is in an environmentally-sensitive area.


Come to Moose Creek Precast Inc. when you need advanced treatment systems in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Please go through this page to learn more about our systems. reach out to us for more information about any of our products.

What Are Advanced Treatment Systems?

Advanced wastewater treatment is a step in the wastewater treatment process between the primary and final treatment. You might have to install it on your property if sewage pre-treatment is not possible using devices such as septic tanks or effluent tanks. They might even be required in some areas where traditional pre-treatment tools are unable to handle the demands.

Our advanced treatment systems in Ottawa can effectively eliminate nitrogen, solids, contaminants, fecal coliform, and nutrients from wastewater. These devices can lessen the biological oxygen demand (BOD).

Benefits of Advanced Treatment Systems

  • Elimination of diseases: These systems remove disease-causing bacteria and minimize the chance of diseases spreading to the general population.

  • Cost-effective: These systems offer a reasonably-priced way to treat sewage on your property. They also last a long time, which helps you save money in the long run.

  • Minimal odour: Advanced Treatment Systems work effectively and don’t leave any odour on your property.

  • Easy maintenance: Maintaining your advanced treatment system is not complicated. Once installation is complete, only periodic maintenance is required.


Would you like to know more about our advanced treatment systems in Ottawa and whether they are suitable for your property? Our team is happy to address your concerns. We can also provide you with other solutions, including pole bases, precast products, and more. Reach out to us!


Bionest offers an advanced treatment system that requires little space on your property with its compact and underground design. The Bionest® media ensures optimal treatment of your household’s wastewater. It promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms for increased treatment capacity while withstanding flow and load variations. The media doesn’t need to be replaced.



The Eljen GSF System is a combined treatment and disposal technology providing a two-stage Bio-MattTM pre-treatment process, drastically improving effluent quality before recharging the aquifer (subsurface infiltration).


Enviro-Septic keeps it simple with no moving parts. This proven and reliable technology provides peace of mind to over 200,000 homeowners, business owners, and wastewater professionals worldwide.


Norweco residential treatment systems are the trouble-free answer to domestic wastewater disposal. They help to ensure a safe and sanitary home environment.

Premier Tech

Premier Tech technology is a wastewater treatment solution that provides high levels of performance and stability under all conditions. This is due to the patented filtering media of the Ecoflo Biofilter. The media retains water and maintains the appropriate conditions for the biological treatment of domestic wastewater even after extended periods during which the system was not in operation.


Waterloo Biofilter

Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.  is a Canadian-owned and operated company that develops, designs, manufactures and maintains advanced onsite wastewater treatment systems. We are committed to high quality treatment, low electricity usage, and system robustness.

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Would you like to know more about our advanced treatment systems in Ottawa or other products? Please reach out to us! We're always available to attend to your questions or give you a quote.

Manage Waste Efficiently!

We can provide you with state-of-the-art advanced treatment systems in Ottawa to help you manage waste on your property.

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