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Accessories in Moose Creek

Along with quality precast concrete products, Moose Creek Precast Inc. also takes pride in providing quality accessories. From plastic pipes to filter cloth, we offer everything under one roof. Go through this page to get a glimpse of what we offer. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Plastic Pipes and Fittings

At Moose Creek Precast Inc., we offer a varying selection of plastic pipes and fittings. Our most popular items include 3” and 4” solid and perforated pipes as well as fittings of the same size in 90°, 45°, 22.5°, T, Y, caps, and couplings.

Filter Cloth

Our filter cloth options include 19” and 38” rolls of 200’. We also carry varying sizes of geosynthetic non-woven fabric including 0.57m and 3.81m widths.


We carry many Polylok accessories from vent caps to distribution boxes. We also stock risers and covers to raise access from your septic tank lid to grade. This eliminates the need to dig down to service your tank. The size of your tank will determine the width of riser and cover compatible with your system. Listed below are the riser options we offer:

20” D X 2’ H

20” D X 6” H

20” D X 12” H

24” D X 6” H

24” D X 12” H


It is a concrete sealant is used to seal our septic tank lids, well tile covers, and concrete covers. Listed below are the available options:

1/4" black ConSeal – 14’ roll

1/2" black ConSeal – 21’ roll

3/4" black ConSeal – 14.5’ roll

1” black ConSeal – 14’ roll

3/4" green ConSeal – 14.5’ roll (this sealant is drinking water safe, and is most commonly used with our well tiles and well tile covers.)

Effluent Filters

Every septic tank we manufacture is complete with an effluent filter. We keep stock of additional filters in the event a replacement is needed. Call us if you suspect your filter is no longer functioning efficiently.

Iron Frame and Covers

Place Holder Image

4” Open-Square

Image Place Holder

6” Open-Square

Patio/Sidewalk Slabs

Place Holder Image


Image Place Holder


Place Holder Image


Image Place Holder

24”X30” – 45°


Filter cloth 19" wide x 200' long

Filter cloth 24" wide x 300' long

Filter cloth 24" wide x 1500' long

Filter cloth 36" wide x 300' long

Filter cloth 36" wide x 1500' long

Filter cloth 48" x 1500' long

Filter Cloth 72" wide x 1500' long

ConSeal 1/2" black - 21' roll - for round risers

ConSeal 3/4" black - 14.5' roll - for square risers

ConSeal 1" black - 14.5' roll - for septic tanks and lids

ConSeal 3/4" green - 14.5' roll - potable for drinking water

ConSeal 1" green - 14.5' roll - potable for water cisterns

Distribution box - 36" x 24" x 12"h 600 lbs

Effluent pump "Liberty" - 1/3 hp, 20’ head, 3/4" solids handling

Sump guard - liquid level alarm, 110v c/w buzzer, and light

SmartFilter alarm - "Plugged filter" alarm for tank

Polylok PL122 effluent filter- up to 3600L per day

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