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Durable Pole Base Products in Ottawa

The base of a light pole does not have to be an ugly-looking roll of cardboard or a block of concrete that ruins the curb appeal of your property. Instead, you can opt for a beautiful and sophisticated pole base that will enhance the look of your lighting and work perfectly with the rest of your property’s appearance. At Moose Creek Precast Inc., we manufacture quality pole bases for businesses and property owners in and around Ottawa and Moose Creek. With our three different texture options and the ability to customize conduits and bolt patterns, this is the perfect solution for your next project. The pole bases come in 3 finish options; visit their website for more details, and see the complete product line.

Please speak to us if you require a pole base in Ottawa.

Pole base

What Is a Pole Base?

It is a precast, plant-manufactured light base product to your specifications that provides versatility and enhances the appearance of your outdoor lighting. At our company, we currently manufacture three finish options. Please take a look at them, and check out our brochure for more information.

Poles Alternate
Concrete Pole Types
Pole Base
Smooth Round Pole

Smooth Round

Round with Rusticated Ring

Round with Rusticated Ring



Advantages of Precast Pole Base

Some of the advantages of our pole bases include:

Versatile: Can precast various patterns and be used for other purposes (Example: Driveway columns, flagpole base etc.)

Flexible installation: Regardless if the weather conditions are good or bad, they can be installed at any time.

Customization: Variety of textures and patterns to choose from.

Contact us for a quote if you plan to install new light posts on your property in Ottawa. 


The following are some commonly asked questions about pole bases:

If I Have a Requirement Regarding My Pole Base's Specifications, Will You Be Able to Help Me?

Yes, we will. We manufacture pole bases in Ottawa as per your unique requirements regarding dimensions, conduit layout, configurations and more.

How Much Do Pole Bases Weigh?

Our pole bases are diverse in size because we consider every client's requirements. These architectural features can vary between 1,000 to 8,800 pounds. Bases 24-inch diameters can be between 1,800 to 5,800 pounds, and those with 30-inch diameters can be between 2,800 to 8,800.

How Long Does Pole Base Installation Take?

Pole bases are incredibly easy and convenient to install. The installation process only takes around 30 minutes to 1.5 hours per base, as per the time taken to dig the hole and soil conditions.

How Much Will My Pole Base Cost?

There is no standard cost for a pole base. The final price depends entirely on your unique requirements. Don't hesitate to contact our team for a quote to get a clearer idea.

Get in Touch

At Moose Creek Precast Inc., we're always welcoming new clients. Apart from our pole bases, we provide various products, including advanced treatment systems, septic tanks, concrete accessories, and more.

We'd be happy to speak to you if you have a particular requirement. Please reach out to our team which has years of experience assisting commercial and residential clients.

Quality Guaranteed

Our pole bases in Ottawa will enhance your property's look and feel and meet your functional requirements.

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