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Traffic and Utilities Precast Products for Ottawa and Eastern Ontario

Precast concrete products can be used in many places. They come in handy when you want to install a light pole using Pole Base or need to cover a manhole. If you are in need of such products, Moose Creek Precast Inc. is here for you. Customers in the Ottawa and Moose Creek area come to us for the quality we offer.


At Moose Creek Precast Inc., we make sure that our inventory of precast concrete products is well-stocked, thus ensuring that our team is able to help you and fulfill your requirement, even if they arise on an urgent basis. Nonetheless, we would recommend you to book your precast utilities and Pole Bases in advance, which will help both you and us avoid any last-minute hassles and panic.


Please feel free to go through this page to learn more. If you are interested in any of these, get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to help you in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

Transformer Base and Pads

Ensure that your surfaces are properly levelled before you place your transformer. This will help the transformer run at optimal capacity and reduce the costs that you will have to bear for maintenance and repair work. In order to install these, you will have to get some amount of excavation work done, but you can rest assured that this extra work will be worth it.

Three-Phase Transformer Base and Pad

Single-Phase Transformer Bases and Pads

Tapered Light Bases

These provide a strong base for your lights and, at the same time, give an even surface on which lights can be easier and properly installed.

Tapered Light Bases

Small 66” inch or Large 96” inch

Tapered Light Bases Small 66” inch or Large 96” inch

Manholes and Handholes

Manholes and handholes are very useful because they will allow your construction workers to find a space where they can sit and install equipment easily and safely.

Electrical Traffic Handhole

Electrical Traffic Octagonal Manhole

Catch Basins

Do not let a drop go waste with our advanced and scientifically developed catch basins. These structures are easy to install and can help you save tonnes of water every year.

Image Place Holder

4’, 5’, 6’ Catch Basin

Catch Basin Adjusters

These will help you lower or increase the height of your catch basin, as per your requirement.



Ready Mix Concrete

We have two tag-along trailer buggies for you to haul our ready mix concrete to your jobsite or project. Our ready mix is 35MPA with air entrainment 6% to 8% and is available in:

1 yard

3/4 yard

2/3 yard

1/2 yard

1/3 yard

1/4 yard

5 gal.

In order to maintain quality, ready mix can be hauled to only short distances in our trailers.

Concrete Truck

Contact Us

We manufacture various precast concrete products that will help you simplify your construction process and save money. If you need utilities and traffic products in Ottawa, get in touch with us!

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